House Histories

One of the founding projects of the Manchester Historic Society was to document the rich history of the housing stock in Manchester. Architectural historian Carol Peterson has researched a number of Pittsburgh archives to unearth the backstory of our unique homes even as we continue to preserve the structures themselves. She has compiled full histories on a number of Manchester properties, a few of which are excerpted here.

History of  1337 West North Avenue

1337 West North Avenue

John and Sarah Pettit had 1337 W North Avenue built between 1876 and 1877 in the Italianate style. The house at 1337 W North was originally 77 Fayette Street.

History of 1307 W North Avenue

1307 W North Avenue

William Fulton purchased the lots from Oliver Scaife and had 1307 and 1309 W North built between 1876 and 1877. A family member built the rest of the row (1311 and 1315) at the same time. The four homes are examples of the Italianate style.

History of 1419 Sheffield Street

1419 Sheffield Street

Historical records indicate that Robert Hood, along with his business partner, Joseph Smith, constructed a double house at 1417-1419 Sheffield Street in 1874 in the Italianate style.

History of 1410 Pennsylvania Avenue

1410 Pennsylvania Avenue

One of a small number of Gothic Revival houses on Pittsburgh's North Side, 1410 Pennsylvania Avenue was constructed between 1865 and 1867.

History of 1339 Page Street

1339 Page Street

Indications are that Edwin Earl and Robert Hemiup had 1339 Page Street built in 1884 in the Second Empire style.

History of 1325 W North Avenue

1325 W North Avenue

Clarence and Mary Dravo Pettit commissioned construction of 1325 West North Avenue in 1891 in the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

History of 1226 Sheffield Street

1226 Sheffield Street

Charles Cooper, a factory manager, and his wife, Elizabeth, commissioned construction of 1226 Sheffield Street in 1880 in the Second Empire style.

History of 1220 W North Avenue

1220 W North Avenue

1220 West North Avenue is a two and a half story red brick house that was built in 1892 for Isaac Wertheimer, a partner in the Asher Guckenheimer & Brothers distillery

History of 1414 Pennsylvania Avenue

1414 Pennsylvania Avenue

The house at 1414 Pennsylvania Avenue was built in 1875/1876 for William and Mary Lea Frazier in the Italianate style.